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AWANFI Tool Kit 100 Piece DIY Home Household Toolkits for Daily Repair and Maintenance


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household tool kit

AWANFI Tool Kit 100 Piece DIY Home Household Tool Kit for Daily Repair and Maintenance

Do you ever have such problems?

  • Screw on some household stuff is loose, but there are no screwdrivers to tighten?
  • Something needs to be hung on the wall, but there are no right tools at hand?
  • Some household broken stuff needs to be repaired, but there are no tools?
  • Some DIY projects need to be done at home or office, but there are no essential tools?

Try the AWANFI home tool kit if met such problems in daily life.

Perfect for home use. This economical household tool kit contains the most tools needed for many basic repairs and maintenance at home or office.

Equip yourself with all the essentials tools. This home tool kit is ideal for daily home repairs and some simple DIY projects around your home and office.

A good gift idea. For beginners to do some low impact tasks, this tool kit could be a great gift for them.

tool set

tool kit set

home tool kit set

starter tool kit

1 x 8″ Adjustable wrench

1 x Claw hammer(350g)

1 x Saw(aluminium alloy)

1 x 6″ Sharp-nose pliers

1 x 6″ Cutter pliers

1 x Water pump pliers

2 x Plain slot precision screwdrivers

2 x Cross slot precision screwdrivers

1 x Slotted screwdriver

1 x Phillips screwdriver

diy kit

tool kit for home


toolkits household

1 x Digital Electrical Test Pen

1 x Snap Off Knife

5 x Cutter blade

1 x Multi-Bit Screwdriver

8 x Long-arm Hex Keys(6, 5.5, 5, 4, 3, 2.5, 1.5)

10 x Screwdrivers Bits(Ph1, Ph2, Ph3, Pz1, Pz2, Pz3, 4, 6, T20, T25)

1 x 3m Tape measure

1 x 9m Insulation Tape

1 x Parts Set

The repair parts are stored neatly in the box and easy to use.

tool set for home

Furniture Assembly

Daily Maintenance

Household Repair

DIY Projects


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