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Bird Bath Tub Bowl Basin Hanging Birdbath Toy Pet Parrot Budgie Parakeet Cockatiel Cage Water Shower Food Feeder With Mirror (Blue)


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Suitable for similar sized birds

1. Suitable for small brids, such as cockatiel, lovebird, parakeets, canary.

2.Bird safe giving you peace of mind when it comes to bath and play time.

3.Excellent bird cage accessory that promotes healthy bathing habits for your feathered friend.

Material: Safe plastic, easy to clean.

1. Interesting Shape: Like a small boat floating in a cage with a small mirror, the birds may like to stand and play inside for a long time.

2. Eliminating Boredom: With the little mirror, it can be a good way to play with the birds, makes them feels as there is a little fellow over there.

Suitable for lovebirds

1. With Mirror to added stimulation to keep your bird interested and engaged.

2. Suitable for lovebirds budgie and other similar sized birds




Easy to use

1. Easy to use: Just hook on the cage door and take it off after the bath time to clean it. It is stable and not easy to fall to reduce clutter.

2. Scope of application: Suitable for tiger skin, peony, horizontal spot, Wen Yu, Xuanfeng and birdie.

100% Brand New

1. Features: Small Size, Cage Mounted, Easy Installation, Mirror

2. 100% brand new and high quality.

Parrot birds will Love to play

1. Multi-function-plastic mini bird bathtub, multi-function use, can also be used as a bird feeding box. The product is cleverly designed and has a small mirror in the bathtub.

2. It can be used a bird bathtub and a bird bowl, very practical,The bird bathtub with screw, you can install it on any cage.




Bird Bath Toy

1. Translucent plastic construction allow you to watch your pet playing inside. Easy to clean, keep bird clean and cool themselves.

2. Water bath is good to the bird health, not only is it beneficial to clear the feather dust and clear parasites, but it also moisturizes the skin and helps the birds to dissipate heat.

Back side of Bird Bath Toy

1. Durable and non-toxic for daily use.

2. Suitable for daily play of parrot birds

Unique design with mirror

1 . High quality materials: The bird’s tank is made of safe plastic

2. Unique design: and a small mirror in the bathtub. This will make the bird bath more interesting.


Bird Bath Tub With Mirror

1. The bird bathtub with a mirror,can satisfy the birds’ habitual needs of looking into the mirror

2. with some Screws, Can be firmly installed on the bird cage!


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