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DATA FROG WIFI Video Game Console Support 4 Player Built-in 3000+games 100 3D games For PS1/PSP Retro Game Console Support HDMI


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Bluetooth Wireless Controller For Nintend Switch

DATA FROG self-developed, the latest wireless Bluetooth controller, suitable for Nintendo switch / PC / TV BOX / PS3. If you want to start playing “Melee” or any Smash game, then this is a good choice!

Wireless Retro Family Video Game Controller

The improved version of the design makes the two gamepads look more concise and generous, giving a retro feel. If you want to play classic games with your good friends or family, please choose it! It can meet your requirements!

WIFI Video Game Console Support HDMI Output

DATA FROG WIFI video game controller adopts HDMI output design and supports network downloading games (available in wifi version + non-wifi version (directly inserted into the network cable). Support HDMI connection, suitable for 4K TV, HD high-definition picture quality (1280*720p) can provide buyers with better high-definition images, so that you can find happiness in the game without feeling angry because of image problems, will not affect Your happy mood! And can support up to four people at the same time. If you want to play classic games with good friends or family members, remember childhood and share happiness, then don’t miss it and choose it with confidence! Can meet your requirements! We have built 3000 +100 3D games, if you need a game list, you can contact the seller to get the game list!

Available In Multiple Languages

The latest generation of game consoles, playable by global buyers, and designed in multiple languages. The system supports Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish and Japanese languages. Give you a more comfortable and familiar gaming experience! Upgrade your gaming experience to the extreme!

Support Network Download Games

DATA FROG has carefully prepared 3000+100 3D childhood games for buyers. It brings together a lot of games, and happy games will never stop! The important thing is that our video game controller can support MAME, GBA, WSC, FC and GB formats. If you don’t like our built-in games, don’t worry, it supports downloading games online (there is a wifi version + non-wifi version (directly plugged into a network cable)), and the application market has up to 12,000 different game downloads. Can definitely meet your needs!

Ultra High Performance

12-core CPU and no lag. The memory is 4G+32G. Support for PS1/PSP/WSC/SFC/PCE/N64/DS/MD/MAME/GBC/GBA/GB/FBA/FC and you can save the game progress at any time. Support turbo cooling. It is to make you invincible and happy to play the game! If you use our official matching handle, you don’t need to set it, but buyers can modify the keys according to their own habits.

Support HDMI Output

Support HDMI connection, suitable for 4K TV, HD high-definition picture quality (1280*720p), you no longer have to worry about the bad picture image and affect the game experience! He can make you more immersed in the game world! And this host supports displays with HDMI input, projectors, etc. If you don’t have a display with HDMI input, you need an adapter. (You can replace the original HDMI with other interface monitor converters, the common ones are HDMI to VGA, HDMI to AV)

Support Multiple Players To Play On TV

If you play the game by yourself, sometimes you will find it less fun. If you are immersed in a joyful game with your friends, will you feel very happy! I think this game machine can meet your requirements. You can let your friends join the game together and experience the joy of the game together. If you want to play the four-player mode, we recommend that you use the TV output, so that playing is more exciting! !

Various Combinations

In order to meet the various needs of buyers, we have combined and matched this game console, such as: Wired 2 players mode, WiFi 2 players mode, WiFi 3 players mode, WiFi Wired 4 players mode, Wireless 2 players mode and Wireless 3 players mode. You can choose according to your needs, there is always one for you!


1.Memory card is a system file card and ROM installation is not supported for the time being. All self-formatting and deleting of memory card files is the buyer’s own behavior, which causes the system to be unable to start up, connect to WIFI, etc. This store is not responsible. 2.As the functions supported by the chip have been maximized, not all games can be supported. Incompatibility of individual games is a normal phenomenon, and this shop does not accept such dispute compensation. 3. Game consoles can only download 200 games on the appropriate market. After that, you need to contact our customer service to increase the number of downloads (each game console can only increase the download opportunity by 50 times at most). Only support buyers to download games in the application market, do not support adding games manually. 4.Our collocationhas been tested and can be used to improve the buyer’s gaming experience. If you can disassemble the machine and install or match other handles yourself, it may not be recognized. This behavior is the buyer’s own willing behavior. If you disassemble the machine and cause the performance of the machine to decline, our store will not be responsible. Please proceed with caution, thank you for your cooperation.

Package Include:

1 x Game Console 2 x Controller or 3 x Controller or 4 x Controller (option) 1 x Charge cable 1 x User manual 1 x HDMI cable Game console version and Controller style are sent according to your choice



Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Support Official App Game

The DATA FROG gamepad is a Bluetooth-connected operating mode. It can support for PS3/IOS/TV Box/Andriod Smart Phone/PC!It has the advantage of being able to download the support handle game directly, and it can be connected directly to the phone without ROOT. The steps are simple, no need to install drivers and set up key mapping.

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Weight0.2425 lbs
Dimensions7.8740 × 5.9055 × 3.9370 in


Plug Type

EU Plug


WiFi 2 players, WiFi 3 players, WiFi Wired 4 players, Wired 2 players, Wireless 2 players, Wireless 3 players

Model Number



HD Game Consoles

Brand Name


function 9

Multiple combinations

support 2

for PS1/PSP

function 8

Support network download games

support 1

four-players mode

support 4

game console 4k

support 3

game console For psp


Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish and so on

support 5

psp game console


Built-in 3000+ 100 3D Games


Video Game

Function 3

Support HDMI TV output

Function 2

Support 4K TV

Function 1

Built-in 32GTF card



Function 7

retro game console

Function 6

game console

Function 5

Video Game Console

Function 4

Save Game Progress


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