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Huion H320M Graphic Drawing Tablet and LCD Digital Writing Board Tablet HadWriting Pad with Battery-free Stylus for Android/PC


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Combination of pen tablet and LCD writing tablet enables H320M to meet more requests of users.

Principle of Work: The writing tablet of H320M is developed based on the E-paper Display (or Bistable LCD) Technology, which allows the plastic LCD to hold an image after the pressure is applied. Image kept on the LCD can be cleared via pressing the Clear All Button, which would require a small amount of energy only.

1.Technical Specifications

266PPS Report Rate: to ensure instant and accurate response to any pen movement and minimize occurrence of lagging lines. 8192 Pressure Sensitivity Levels: to bring users pen-on-paper drawing experience and render lines input as different shapes and colors as pressure applied changes. 5080LPI Pen Resolution:to ensure the delicacy of each line input and have details of your work better presented.

2.Tilt Support

Algorithm is optimized to realize ±60°brush tilt in a more organic way, which supports users to do digital calligraphy as well as simulate pencil sketching without compromising of accuracy or their authentic drawing skills.

3.Phone Connectivity

Connect your phone to the tablet and in case the Phone Mode is activated automatically, the aspect ratio of active area requires to be adjusted as X: Y=10: 16. Otherwise, long press the pre-programmed express keys (K1 and K6 as showed in the picture) for 3 seconds to activate the Phone Mode.

4. 11 Programmable Press Keys

Braille on keys will facilitate your works as you can locate a specific key without looking on the tablet.

5. Features of the Writing Tablet

A: Clear All Button that helps you erase all the marks kept on the tablet; B: A multi-purpose tool for writing, sketching, calculating and drafting, etc; C: Lines input by your digital pen or fingers can all be held on the monochrome(blue) LCD (* scratch with sharp objects will spoil the LCD); D: Low energy consumption. The battery life of a CR2025 coin cell battery is about 1 to 2 year long, which supports the Clear All Button to work for more than 50 thousand times; E: Non-radioactive and user friendly LCD.

Weight2.8660 lbs
Dimensions16.5354 × 10.2362 × 1.5748 in


Tablet Width


Press Keys

11 Programmable Press Keys

Working Area (Phone Mode)

89.3 x 142.9mm

Pressure Levels



Coral red


305.4 x179.6 x 9mm

Model Number


Sensing Height


Digital Pen


Brand Name


Resolution Ratio



Digital Tablets

Tablet length


Pen Technology

Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance

OS Support

Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later and Android 6.0 or later


60 degrees



Working Area -PC Mode

Writing Tablet: 259.2 x 157.4mm (10.2 x 6.2inch)

Report Rate


Interface Type


Net Weight





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